Searching for Sarah

Searching for Sarah

To fulfill a dying wish, a grieving Hispanic man uses his sister’s private journals as a guide in tracking down the love of her life, a woman named Sarah. 


Tom’s sister Nina’s will read: “I don’t want one of those generic funerals, where everyone gathers and cries. Be creative. I want something outside the box. You and Sarah can work on this together.

Tom’s reaction: “Who the hell is Sarah?”

To solve this mystery, and to honor his sister’s final wish, Tom uses Nina’s personal journals as a guide, in his search for Sarah. Frustration mounts as he delves deeper into Nina’s past, uncovering secrets that will change his life forever.

Will Tom overcome the seemingly never-ending obstacles and find the enigmatic Sarah before putting his sister to rest?

This mysterious love story reaches beyond the grave and straight into your heart.


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