Ready, Set, OPA!

Ready, Set, OPA!

EDU-TAINMENT from around the globe! The travel series for children continues in Ready, Set, OPA!

The young world travelers visit mainland Greece, where they learn about the magnificent history of the area and its culture. And yes, the Magical Crystal Globe is there to help!

Ready, Set, Opa! is the second book in a series about a group of children who travel the world along with their magical crystal globe. Taking the reader on many exciting journeys, it is intended to be a “reference library” of travel from a child’s perspective. From story to story, the young world travelers share the histories of each place they visit, the cultures, the architecture, the modes of travel, currency, food and music, to name a few. The series also incorporates the concepts of sharing and manners, compassion and empathy, and integrity.

The first book, Young World Travelers and the Magical Crystal Globe, kicks off the adventures from Tarpon Springs, Florida, to Queens, New York.

The educational aspect along with the uplifting camaraderie combine to offer a new form of learning: edu-tainment! 

(Now available in Greek translation!)

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