Ranch Hero :: Wind Beneath its Wings

Ranch Hero :: Wind Beneath its Wings

Featured in December magazine of Georgia Cattlemen’s Association

NOT ALL GUARDIAN ANGELS HAVE WINGS, but this little book is flying!

Ziggy and his farm pals are gaining some “footing” (paws, hoofs, feet . . . you get the picture) as a most desirable holiday treat, price-wise and spice-wise.


During a special promotion with Amazon just a few weeks ago, we found 3800 new readers!

During a Giveaway Contest via Goodreads, we gifted our book to 10 happy Goodreaders over the US, Canada, and Australia, who expressed an interest in the book.  We had over 600 entries!

And finally, our Georgia Cattlemen’s Association is helping to share the love with this great advertisement to all members.  Thank you, Dallas, for this great creation.

You can get the special holiday “book swag” offer by purchasing here thewordverve.

Or order online at ALL RETAILERS for your print or digital copies.

Go Donkeys!  (Huh? )



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