Authors with Verve: Featuring Phil Emmert

Authors with Verve: Featuring Phil Emmert

Author Phil Emmert is indeed a preacher, teacher, and people reacher. His world revolves around the sharing of stories that are relatable and inspiring, and now he’s writing them too. He’s published four books in recent years and, at the age of 80, has more in the works.

Lauded by his family and friends as an endearing storyteller, in addition to being a stellar preacher of the Word of God, he admits he has many stories in his heart. This North Carolinian is a defender of nature and animals and people equally. His charming wit sets him apart as an author, for new fans and old.

His books, When War Was Heck, The Afterglow of War: Lessons Learned, The Overcomers, and America Rebooted, each have a special twist that makes them stand out from others in their categories—in fact, they can be hard to categorize because of their uniqueness. From thewordverve’s perspective, we figure the best way to describe his books are heartfelt, imaginative, and powerful.

Following is a fun interview with Phil, a quick back-and-forth that allows his personality to shine through far more than our writing about him can do. So, let’s get to it!

THEWORDVERVE: What’s your favorite of the books you’ve written thus far? And why?

PHIL: It depends upon my mood at the moment. If I feel nostalgic, When War Was Heck, with The Afterglow of War a close second. If I am in a patriotic mood, America Rebooted is my favorite. To be uplifted and brought back to reality, The Overcomers fits the bill. But since America Rebooted is my wife’s favorite, then I suppose it is my overall favorite too. It is a story about how, in the face of calamity, our nation finds renewed faith and resolve, both of which we all need a large dose of.

THEWORDVERVE: Phil, at 80 years old, you have become recently quite handy at reaching out through your books and social media to tell your stories, fiction and nonfiction alike. What sets you apart from others your age?

PHIL: I don’t think of myself as old. I try to learn something new every day and not grow stale. I try to instill in young people some of my 80 years of wisdom without acting like the smartest person in the room.

THEWORDVERVE: What connects you to the younger generation?

I have a pretty good memory of when I was young. And people have not changed a lot. One thing I try to do when I am around young children is to get down on my knees, at eye level, and listen to them. Everyone likes to talk about themselves, and children are very candid. So I recommend taking the time really listen to the younger generation. We can learn a lot from each other.

THEWORDVERVE: Do you plan to write another book, two, or three? And if so, what would that next book (or books) be about?

PHIL: I have been writing one for several months now. It is about an old man who slips back in time in his occasional dream and then comes back to the present. He has an old dog and and old pickup truck, and he does his dreaming in short naps while sitting on his front porch.  If I ever finish that one, I would like to perhaps write a mystery or another adventure book along the line of America Rebooted. Or maybe just a book of funny short stories. I am also writing the story of my life from my earliest memories. It is not for public consumption, just to leave to my children and grandchildren.   

THEWORDVERVE: If you had a one-liner to leave us with, just one, what would it be?

PHIL: This is not original and I don’t know where it came from, but it was the theme from my eighth-grade graduation:

“Onward Ever, Backward Never”


Thanks to Phil for taking the time to share with us his heart!

Phil Emmert lives with his wife, Bea, in North Carolina, where they enjoy their dog Charmin  and cat Noel, as, well as  their beautiful home (which Phil constantly renovates), and their mass of children and grandchildren.

You can find all his paperback books at, as well as online retailers in both digital and eBook formats.




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