Peril in the Pines (Cody Costin Cozy Mystery, book 1)

Peril in the Pines (Cody Costin Cozy Mystery, book 1)

Talk about a killer vacation!

Cody Costin has just returned to Evergreen, Colorado, for the summer, having completed her first year at college in South Carolina. She expects to spend long, lazy days basking under perfect skies with family and friends. But when her best friend’s sister turns up dead, and everyone, including the sheriff, thinks it’s a case of death-by-misadventure, Cody is compelled to box her plans and dive into investigation mode.

The crux of the mystery involves a group of high school graduates who all have both motive and means. Did one of them resort to murder?

The good news is Cody isn’t one to give up easily. The bad news is someone intends to stop her at all costs.

Peril in the Pines is the first book in a captivating cozy mystery series set in and around beautiful Evergreen, Colorado. If you’re young at heart and enjoy contemporary mysteries with a twist that you won’t see coming, then you’ll love this unique whodunit.


This book is available in digital format at Amazon and is included in their Kindle Unlimited book program as well.

Books in the Cody Costin Cozy Mystery series:

Book one, Peril in the Pines
Book two, Slip Stitch Slaying
Book three, Horses and Corpses

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