Parkinson’s Diva

Parkinson’s Diva

Parkinson’s disease affects all sides of you: your inside, your outside, and your “right” side—that is, the side where you feel positive, balanced, and beautiful. How do you find that edge when you’re not feeling very sharp at all?

Parkinson’s Diva is a personal and professional accounting of a young Parkinson’s doctor’s experience with the disease in all realms of her life . . . from doctor, caregiver, and ultimately as a young Parkinson’s patient herself.

Not only does Dr. Maria De León cover important basics of PD and research-based data, she also shares the personal concerns and gender-specific battles that young women who live with the disease must face. She encourages all of us to be empowered through education, self-awareness, and faith. This book is about embracing your own style and grace in your journey with PD . . . as Maria says “summoning your inner diva.”

302 pages, stunning glossy cover by artist Ros Webb, 6×9 paperback, just $19.99 plus shipping.

Words of Praise for Parkinson’s Diva

“Dr. De León, a neurologist and Parkinson’s patient herself, writes with great sensitivity and deep personal insight about issues of critical interest to all women with PD. She blazes the trail toward a better understanding of gender differences and makes an important contribution to the literature on Parkinson’s disease.”

Diane G. Cook, Patient Representative Consultant, FDA; People with Parkinson’s Advisory Council, Parkinson’s Disease Foundation. 

“Dr. De León writes with intelligence, compassion, unflinching honesty and practicality, but most importantly with positivity and faith. Parkinson’s Diva is an informative and insightful book for women on how to live and live well with Parkinson’s disease.”

–  Mya C. Schiess, MD; Professor of Neurology; Director UT MOVE 

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