One Unde-NILE-ably Fun Party!

One Unde-NILE-ably Fun Party!

In this next adventure of the Young Word Travelers educational book series, Mrs. Eva’s Magical Crystal Globe takes us to Ancient Egypt. Help “Queen Katerina” celebrate her birthday with the young world travelers as they set sail down the Nile River.

Have you ever wondered how the Ancient Egyptians lived? Where their food came from? How they traveled? How they communicated? How they made and acquired their daily essentials? Why the pyramids were built? Find these answers and more as the children journey through Egypt of long ago.

One Unde-NILE-ably Fun Party is a party like no other, otherwise known as EDU-TAINMENT!


Books by Demetra Tsavaris-Lecourezos

The Young World Travelers series:

  • The Young World Travelers and the Magical Crystal Globe (book 1)
  • Ready, Set, OPA! (book 2) – also available in Greek translation
  • One Unde-NILE-ably Fun Party (book 3)
  • A Globe Within a Globe (book 4)

Letters from Around the World: Learning the Greek Alphabet

Cancer in My Family (co-written with daughter Katerina Lecourezos)

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