One Patriot Heart (Bonds in Love & War Series, book 1)

One Patriot Heart (Bonds in Love & War Series, book 1)

One family … destroyed by aristocracy in their homeland of 1774 England.
Its menfolk forced to serve in the British Navy.
The shores of the New World before them.
There, they discover a new passion—to break the chains that hold them. To fight for America and the right for independence to all men and woman.
And thus, the very essence of the Patriot heart can be seen in all its glory. This is a tale of strength, determination, and the willingness to do what it takes to secure a home free from tyranny. The victory is sweet, but there is always a price to pay.

The lives of the Glynne family of England are irreparably changed by members of British aristocracy. At the hands of the arrogant and evil Burntthorne family, Rob Glynne, his father, and uncle are pressed into the British Navy, where they ultimately find themselves on American soil.

There, they become embroiled in the struggle for independence by the Colonies and wholeheartedly join the Patriot cause. Eventually, the rest of the Glynne family is reunited in their new country. Along with new Patriot friends, the Glynnes are involved in the opening battles of the conflict and become part of the new Navy of the United States of America.

Together, they bravely fight the British … including the Burntthornes, who seek to exact revenge upon the Glynne family.
Inspired by their love of liberty, their new country, and one another, the Glynnes and their comrades persevere and finally settle into their innovative farm in the foothills of North Georgia.

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