One Cool Customer Changes Everything

One Cool Customer Changes Everything

One cool customer.  That’s all it takes to change your world.

We found ours in December 2010.

Before then, our transcription services mostly centered around medical reports and letters, with an occasional interview or conference call recording — an integral part of our services, but admittedly, one of the less exciting.  Until December 2010.

That’s when our one cool customer walked in (well, emailed in) , catapulting our transcription work to a whole new level: ICY COOL.

DeMarco Williams, 35, is a pop culture/sports writer for Slam, INsite, and other entertainment publications. He not only lights up the pages of these magazine with his eloquent words, he shares with us the opportunity to build the foundation for his stories.  His interviews have since become an in-demand assignment at thewordverve.

DeMarco, born and raised in Atlanta, is a mama’s boy and a family man; “loves Atlanta sports teams; hates Atlanta sports teams’ inconsistencies; and would have been an architect,” he says, if he were better in math.

I say he is an architect: an architect of words, and we’re darn glad to know him.

Several times a month, we receive high-quality recordings of his interviews with entertainment and sports celebrities, such as Neon Deion Sanders, whom you see pictured with DeMarco here.

We appreciate writers like DeMarco, because they remind us that so much of what is presented to the public passes through several gates before it reaches that finish line, and we’re a valued part of that process.  We also appreciate those quality, engaging interviews that keep us from zoning out at the foot pedal.

Interviews are an important resource for reference, not just in a journalistic setting, but in a research setting for a memoir or novel too.  When done with a high-quality recording in a low-noise setting, we can create an organized, mechanically accurate document for our writer customers, so they can use it to create a well-rounded, dynamic story.  In terms of reproducing this  foundation for writing of any kind, we carry on our good name as professional wordshapers.

And we look forward to the next great interview from DeMarco . . . an Atlanta Falcon perhaps?  Better still, how ’bout a Tampa Bay Buccaneer?




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