Namaste, Great Gray

Namaste, Great Gray

Great Gray and his friends are at it again, bringing hope and healing to their small Indian village.

It is time for Prince Kumar to return to the palace, after a long visit with his grandmother. Great Gray and his mahout, Santosh, lead the journey home, bringing some wonderful new characters with them. Great Gray is especially excited. He has a surprise for his family—a BIG little surprise.

But the homecoming takes a turn for the worse in the days that follow. This time, it’s Prince Kumar who needs a “lift.” When he was at his grandmother’s, he had learned the breathing and exercise techniques of yoga, which greatly helped his disability. He grew stronger and happier during that time, but the yoga master could not join him at the palace. Soon, the prince’s health begins to decline. His father becomes filled with sorrow and worry.

The palace needs a Royal Yoga Master, pronto!

Have you ever seen an elephant doing downward-facing dog?

Open the pages to Namaste, Great Gray and delight in the peace and joy that embraces these adorable characters with their big hearts.

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