Marianka Mojo :: The Gift of Peace

Marianka Mojo :: The Gift of Peace


I want to talk about Marianka.  She’s a twenty-something neighbor, whom I know only through a high-school friend, whom I haven’t seen for 30 years (her husband), and both of whom live a mere 10 minutes away from me. She is a spectacular woman.  She changed me, for the better.  Here’s the gig:

Okay, giving forward.  Do unto others.  Live for the living.  Random acts of kindness.

You’ve heard of these concepts . . . where people “give just to give” – without any greater reward than having done something good for someone else.

I know I’ve been a recipient of these deeds in my life, and I hope I’ve acknowledged them to the fullest, and returned the favor – because dammit, I’m compelled to return the favor.  I can’t have people doing something for me for free!

You see my mindset here?

It’s a selfish mindset, this I’ve now realized . . . for the giving is greater than the gift. And to not accept the gift is to deny someone the pleasure of giving.  And I won’t be doing that anymore, thanks to Marianka.

She “noticed” that I’d been “overloaded” and offered to help me out, through a private message on Facebook.  Desperate, I said YES and offered to pay her.  She said “whatever” and came to pick up the business.  I said “whatever” and gave it to her, knowing I would find a way to pay her. She ending up spending countless hours packaging books and pledge prizes and addressing near 100 postcards . . . all for the benefit of a successful Kickstarter campaign called “Increasing Wingspan – Buzzard’s Myth”.

I’d given her a week’s deadline and she had it done in two days.  Off my chest, forward progress, all thanks to this incredible young lady.

And then she said, in a nutshell, THANK YOU for letting me help you. 

For the first time in my life – honestly, the first time – I knew without reservation she meant what she said.  I would never take that away from her.  I cherish her too much to ever take away her joy.  I selfishly treasure that experience, the joy she gave me, the peace, the lighter load.  It changed my week, changed my life.

This is Marianka Mojo.  Pass it on. 

from the heart of  Jan Fix, wordshaper 

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