Authors with Verve: Featuring Linda Yacovetti Arvanitis

Authors with Verve: Featuring Linda Yacovetti Arvanitis

“Who can turn the world on with her smile?”

Linda Yacovetti Arvanitis, that’s who!

She’s a successful realtor in Florida, has major potential as a stand-up comic, and is a published author of Buck the Dog Tails . . . er, Tales, told from her adopted pet’s perspective. She released the first book in the series last fall (Buck’s New Home) and is getting ready to thrill her fans—I mean, Buck’s fans—again with a new ditty in the ensuing months. More details on that as we get closer to release date.

What we love about Linda is she definitely has verve—a passion and a zest for life in everything she does. We’re lucky to know her and work with her, and there is no doubt anyone who follows her shenanigans (and Buck’s) feels the same way.

Buck, by the way, is her adopted Boston terrier mix, whom she rescued (uh, I mean, Buck rescued her) about four years ago. What a mug that dog has! And he is a perfect yin to her yang.

Linda is one of those authors who really gets involved in her marketing—and makes it look like a breeze—coming up with unique ideas to showcase Buck and his book. Today, she did an interview at WOCA, a radio station in Ocala, and I think it was just about the most natural, unscripted interview I have ever seen. I’m posting the podcast here. The radio station did a wonderful job as well, but obviously, Buck was the silent star of the show . . . because he did absolutely nothing but stare out the window and STILL managed to be adorable. What a riot!

Enjoy this podcast from the Ocala station. I mean, who doesn’t like to laugh?

Follow Linda and Buck on Facebook at You won’t be disappointed. The book is available here at thewordverve as well as online retailers everywhere.

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