Letters from Around the World: Learning the Greek Alphabet

Letters from Around the World: Learning the Greek Alphabet

Learning sounds of different languages just got easier for children and adults alike.

Sound out the Greek alphabet as shown in this book, then sing it to the tune of the alphabet song.

EDU-TAINMENT!  A fun and simple way to learn.

Learning the Greek Alphabet is the first in the Letters from Around the World series, adding to the ever-expanding “reference library” of books by Demetra Tsavaris-Lecourezos. This series will help children learn the sounds/sights of the various alphabets around the world.

Her Young World Travelers series is about a group of children who travel the world, learning the histories of each place they visit, the cultures, the architecture, the modes of travel, currency, food and music, to name a few. The first book in the series, Young World Travelers and the Magical Crystal Globe, kicks off the adventures from Tarpon Springs, Florida, to Queens, New York. In the second book, Ready, Set, Opa!, the children visit Greece. The series also incorporates the concepts of sharing and manners, compassion and empathy, and integrity.

Demetra’s fun-to-learn format in writing her books is the essence of edu-tainment!

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