Lady of the Lake

Lady of the Lake

Who is the lady with laser eyes under the water—a young man’s demise?

Based on the terrifying real-life legend of Lake Ronkonkoma, Lady of the Lake proves that love can conquer even the scariest of challenges.

After a passionate night at the local lake with her dreamy boyfriend, Braden, Miley Monroe’s life is turned upside down when Braden is dragged underwater by an undead woman with chilling red eyes. Not only has Braden been kidnapped by a mysterious specter—he is also being fingered for rape by Miley’s doubtful father, a stern police officer determined to track down the missing teen and defend his daughter’s honor.

Distraught and on the verge of giving up hope for Braden’s return, Miley connects with a nerdy classmate named Quentin. He warns her that Braden has fallen victim to the Lady of the Lake, a Native American woman named Tuscawonta who killed herself in the lake after her star-crossed love affair with a handsome English settler named Hugh Birdsall went horribly awry. Looking to recapture the love she could never have, Tuscawonta has kidnapped scores of attractive young men from the lake’s shores to serve as her companions in the afterlife.

Teaming up with Quentin’s father, a genius scientist who works on top-secret government research projects, the trio devise a supernatural plot to bring love back from the dead and break the curse of Lake Ronkonkoma. Braden’s life depends on their success.

Incredibly imaginative and chockful of thrilling twists and turns, Lady of the Lake will pull you under and make sure you never come up for air.      

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