It’s a Book! My Adopted Baby

It’s a Book! My Adopted Baby

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(and an offer . . . read on)

Today, Mother’s Day, I wish to officially announce a project for which I am deeply committed, as if it were a child of my own, in fact.  I have adopted a book, with the author’s blessing of course, and couldn’t be more passionate about this “baby.” I have chosen to represent this book alongside the author Alva Harris for a number of passionate reasons. Born on a Buzzard’s Stump is a rare type of memoir; in fact, it’s more like a fun bunch of stories that would be told around a campfire or after dinner on the back porch.  It is both comedic and poignant.

At any given point in his eight decades of life, Alva has a charming story to tell.  If you’ve touched the perimeter of any of the following, you’ll embrace this book:  college professor, student of biology and the life cycle of beings, hunter, fisherman, taxidermist, mountain climber, card player, a mischief-maker, writer, military man, sailor, captain, fisherman, traveler, husband, father, dreamer, do-er.  My guess is every one of us will find something to relate to and share with another.  And the beat goes on.

It is also my wish that this book be recognized around the country as slices of history lived by a man who once was so mobile that he could not be contained, however, now wages a daily battle with Parkinson’s and other related diseases. That his story will be told and passed along is how he now moves and communicates with all of us. I intend to help him move.  Will you?

For those of you who have purchased and read this book, I thank you as does Alva, his wife Donna, and his family.  Now, I will “gift” the next five people who respond to this blog (via post or as comment) a free copy of Born on a Buzzard’s Stump, purchased by me on your behalf, with the hope that you will offer your insights after reading it. I also encourage you to tell others about it and order one for the adventurer in your life.  And the beat goes on.

P.S. – If comment form acts up, as it sometimes does, please email me directly at for participation and support.  Many thanks.

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