Increasing Wingspan for History’s Sake

Increasing Wingspan for History’s Sake

If you have some pocket change you wouldn’t mind sparing for a good cause  . . . I have just the campaign for you.  

Be a Buzzard Backer & Share Coastal History!

 What is a Buzzard’s Myth? If our project goals are accomplished, you and anyone else who cares to find out will be able to do so readily through awareness of one dynamic memoir, a historical adventure involving eight decades and a single man, er … hatchling?

 This is a campaign, and we invite you to BE A BUZZARD BACKER by August 13, our project deadline. The project is an all-or-none campaign.

 We seek pledges for printing and strategic marketing costs to reintroduce the memoir Buzzard’s Myth by Alva Harris, PhD, to the coastal communities of NC specifically and, on a grander scale, to supporters of ecosystems and the natural cycles of life everywhere.   

 This is the updated, vibrant cover, which perfectly embraces the pristine storytelling of Alva Harris as he revisits his coastal upbringing in NC and travels across the country to Alaska and home again—several times!

 While reaffirming his vision of recycling the historical and ecological truths of these coastal communities, Alva also salutes and supports the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, which the author acclaims on the first page of his book.  He himself suffers from Parkinson’s, making his completion of this extraordinary novel in his late 70s an inspirational feat as well. 

 To find out more

We hope you will embrace the value in this project and will pledge.  

Every dollar is loved.

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