Honeybee Humdinger

Honeybee Humdinger

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You know if Blake Shelton sings about it, it’s got to be good.  In fact, everything is good about honeybees.

  • They’re smart:  They’ve been around for millions of years so they know some things.
  • They’re food-creators:  In fact, they are the only insects that provide a food product for man—honey!  Unless you actually eat insects, of course.
  • They’re talented: Honeybees communicate with each other by “dancing.”
  • They’re “green”:  Honeybees are environmentally friendly and give the world its eco-balance through pollination of our fruits and vegetables.

As crazy wonderful as these insects are, however, they’ve got feelings, you know? They have their insecurities, growing pains, sad moments, and moments where they just sit around in bed, thinking they’re just not good enough. It says so right in this book: Bonnie the Honeybee and the Case of the Butterfly Blues by Lori K. Lee.

Mama Bee sees that Bonnie is  very sad, so she sits down on the bed. “What’s wrong, my sweet girl? Why are you so sad today?” Mama Bee asks.

“I don’t want to be a plain ole honeybee anymore!” Bonnie says with tears in her eyes.

“Why not?” asks Mama Bee.

“Because I want to be a beautiful, magical butterfly,” Bonnie sniffles.


Next time you see a honeybee, show some love and give a thumbs up. We all need to know we’re appreciated and special, after all.



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