Four Killer’s Bride (Bonds in Love & War Series, book 4)

Four Killer’s Bride (Bonds in Love & War Series, book 4)

The long war for independence is over. Now, the American Patriots face the Chickamauga warriors in another war, even as settlers expand their families and homesteads.

Sagonige Daniel Jones is a handsome, blue-eyed Cherokee warrior with a white father and Cherokee mother—and has been educated in both worlds. Though he excels in both, he ultimately finds himself embroiled in the Chickamauga War, fighting with the fierce warriors of a faction of the Cherokee. It is during these time that he earns the name “Four Killer.”

A return to sea and the white man’s world, fraught with danger and fighting, is Sagonige’s fate. The unpredictability of these times is constant. For Sagonige, love is won and lost … and another found in the most unlikely of places …

Yet another Glynne family member is involved in fleeing British tyranny. She is a green-eyed, fair-skinned young lady. As brave and determined as she is beautiful, Autumn Glynne and Sagonige are immediately drawn to each other, their attraction undeniable. Amidst the scars of war, their love affair blooms. Is there a wedding in the future for Four Killer?

Four Killer’s Bride is the fourth book in the Bonds in Love & War series, an ongoing saga surrounding the American Revolutionary War, its buildup and its aftermath.

The Bonds in Love & War Series is American Historical Fiction at its finest, entertaining, rich in character, and educational.
Books in the series, in reading order:
One Patriot Heart
Two Falling Waters
Three Scarred Oaks
Four Killer’s Bride 

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