Final Two Days :: Pulling Out the Big Wings Now

Final Two Days :: Pulling Out the Big Wings Now

Pulling Out the Big Wings Now

Update #7 to Kickstarter Campaign: Increasing Wingspan · Aug. 10, 2012 ·

(1)  This project is probably the biggest thing I’ve worked on in the past two years.  For everyone who has considered, tolerated my constant chatter about it, and have pledged already for it, I thank you so much.  It’s almost over. Two more days.

(2) We still need $175 to make funding goal.

(3) Referrals:  For every referral you send our way, YOU get a $15 coffee card (coffee house of your choice).  Not ONE person has taken advantage of this great pledge prize yet! Nor the T-shirt offer from thewordverve.  Nor the editing offer from thewordverve — an immense value if you are an author of any kind.

(4) Upping your pledge: If you can’t find a referral, or even if you do, up your pledge a wee bit.  If everyone adds just $5 to their pledges, we’ll have exceed our funding goal and I will be on my way to one of the most challenging marketing experiences I’ve ever enjoyed.  (It’s easy to do: just log into Kickstarter and click “manage your pledge”)

(5)  And if it’s funded, we’ll all be winners. Kickstarter projects are not easily funded and it takes great people and a great project to make it happen.  We have that.  So let’s up the heart rate and get there.

Please, for the last time (I promise) I ask you:  Today and tomorrow, open up those wings and take over the skies of history with me!

~~ Janet Fix ~~


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