Ever the Educator

Dying Man Reflects on Life through Blog Diary

Collage 2 - starring Alva - compressedIf you’ve read the memoir of Alva Harris, PhD (Buzzard’s Myth: Adventures of a Free Spirit from Egg to Infinity), you already have a peek into the depths of this man’s knowledge and sense of self.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to read his memoir yet, his website gives a wonderful overview of his adventures and you will surely enjoy a walk through those online pages.

And if you do nothing else, follow his blog diary. It will move your heart and mind in new ways. In his final days of life, he is determined to continue his life-long passion of teaching, sharing a myriad of possibilities and perspectives. Now with end-stage Parkinson’s and undergoing home hospice care, he is 84 years old with a mind that won’t quit.

His hope is that the diary will provoke you to thought over topics such as death with dignity, Parkinson’s disease, and survival of the fittest, to name just a few.

Alva Harris is an inspiration, who will obviously keep educating those who may listen until the very last of his mortal days . . . and very likely well beyond.

Visit buzzardsmyth.com to read the blog diary and more about of Alva Harris, PhD.

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