From a Dream to the Real Deal: One Author’s Story Covers It All

From a Dream to the Real Deal: One Author’s Story Covers It All

Photo Credit: Beeba Lekkas

When we think of a survivor, a warrior, we can think of several men and women, but at the top of that list is always Demetra Tsavaris-Lecourezos.

Demetra went from a dream to write kids’ books, to a published author of several books, to a cancer survivor, and to an in-demand public speaker in what seems to be like a blink of an eye. But it wasn’t just a blink; it was incredibly hard work.

Today, she wraps up a whirlwind of a week, representing the USA as team member for International Ready to Me Day. Bravo!

Just days before that, she was speaking to a group at the Tarpon Springs Historical Society about her journey.

Over the weekend, she was in Houston, having been requested to participate in a fundraiser at the St. Basil Greek Orthodox Church to help support their Greek school. The place was filled with children, their cute painted faces looking up at her as she read to them from her second book in a series: Ready, Set, OPA!

Demetra said of the event, “The kids were great! Very responsive with some really terrific questions during storytime.” And that kind of engagement is what Demetra loves most. “Very rewarding and humbling.”

She was further honored (and humbled) to be greeted by the General Consul of Greece and his family, who had cut their vacation short to visit the event and watch Demetra in action! To add to the authenticity of the event, she even dressed up as a Greek goddess.

Dressed in my toga, standing in the. courtyard of the church, with its many columns, and the wind blowing, I felt as if I were standing at the top of the Acropolis in Ancient Athens.

This inspirational author and speaker looks forward to many more such events, where she can share her story, encourage others, and be a “proof positive” that dreams really can come true.

Demetra has published three children’s books (see the list HERE) and is in the process of creating her fourth book, where the Young World Travelers go to Egypt, and her fifth book, which talks about cancer from a child’s perspective.

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If you would like to book Demetra for a book reading or other speaking event, please contact her agent/publisher Janet Fix at to review her press kit. We look forward to personalizing your request. 

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