Demand a Reciprocity of Your Passion — “Guts,” Part 2

Demand a Reciprocity of Your Passion — “Guts,” Part 2

~~by Editor Jan  (Part 2 in the “Guts” blog)

Authors: Demand a reciprocity of your passion!

Surround yourself with professionals who match your intensity for each written word in your manuscript; who look at things from new angles and will share those with you, respectfully and with good humor; and who enjoy the new flavors of innovation. This doesn’t have to be expensive, mysterious, or time-consuming.

Be relentless and demanding in your selection of creative people who can assist you not just in publishing a novel, but in jumping from the mud-splattered dirt road, gripping the pavement, and MOVING. And with most of your coin still in your pocket.

See you on the high road!

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