Non Fiction

Buzzard’s Myth (an adventurer’s memoir)

A treasured tale of this fisherman of the sea(s) — the Atlantic and the Pacific — Alva Harris is a firm believer in the circle of life. He affirms this belief by recycling eight decades of his own life journey for readers of all walks and ages to behold and be entertained.

Parkinson’s Diva

FINDING YOUR INNER DIVA: Movement disorders specialist and a Parkinson’s patient herself, Dr. Maria De Leon, pulls together an informative, yet tender piece on understanding and dealing with Parkinson’s from a woman’s perspective . . . and keep that inner diva rolling! Parkinson’s Diva: A Woman’s Guide to Parkinson’s Disease is like no other book out there.

Viviendo más allá del párkinson: explorando las posibilidades

DISCOUNTED 25% FOR MONTH OF APRIL 2022! (discounted price is shown) #parkinsonsawareness La enfermedad del párkinson afecta todo nuestro ser desde lo profundo e invisible hasta lo visible y superficial, aunque el efecto es diferente para cada individuo. A pesar de no parecernos físicamente, todos tenemos una cosa en común—el querer vivir una vida mejor, llena de éxito, felicidad, y amor; en si una, vida abundante. Queremos aprender a caminar con la enfermedad al lado pero no controlados por ella. ~~ El...

The Road to Moonlight Feels Right

A commanding memoir that stands the test of time. After all, who doesn’t like a bit of moonlight magic? "Moonlight Feels Right" by Starbuck, a group in which Bruce Blackman was the frontman with his familiar white cap, became one of the top-selling songs of the ’70s and is still played in 54 countries across the globe. This is a captivating story about an entertainer, his journey, and his song.

Parkinson’s Diva: Hello, Possibilities!

Designed specifically for women with Parkinson’s disease, this delightfully illustrated journal offers fun activities and a place to document the hopes and struggles that go along with a Parkinson’s diagnosis. Be inspired through this workbook and let your Inner Diva shine!    

Cancer in My Family

When your grandmother and father die of cancer within six months of one another, and a few years later, your mom is diagnosed with cancer (not once, but twice), you have to ask yourself, “Now what?!”   Co-written by a mother/daughter team: Demetra Tsavaris-Lecourezos and Katerina Lecourezos. (Photo credit: Lekkas Photography)