Editing and Writing

Student of My Author Self :: NaNoWriMo

~~ by Editor Jan   This November, I became a student of myself. Below are seven insights I gained about myself as a writer -- and editor -- and person in general -- having participated in National Novel Writing Month, November 2011. For those of you who may not know what NaNoWriMo is: Each year this organization encourages writers, new and experienced, to engage in complete "literary abandon" and write freely to achieve 50,000 words in 30 days -- the ultimate goal [...]

Demand a Reciprocity of Your Passion — “Guts,” Part 2

~~by Editor Jan  (Part 2 in the "Guts" blog) Authors: Demand a reciprocity of your passion! Surround yourself with professionals who match your intensity for each written word in your manuscript; who look at things from new angles and will share those with you, respectfully and with good humor; and who enjoy the new flavors of innovation. This doesn’t have to be expensive, mysterious, or time-consuming. Be relentless and demanding in your selection of creative people who can assist you not just [...]

Guts: Where the Rubber Meets the Road

~~ by Editor Jan Fix When it comes to developing a powerful novel, today's authors must have some uncompromising, new-and-improved kind of guts. As impressive as any creative team may be with its credentials and experience, it is merely ordinary without a unique, bold instinct for raising the bar and a bulldog tenacity for superiority on all levels. Today's authors must demand this extraordinary team.  Whether that's just one professional editor or a slew of design and marketing experts, to excel beyond [...]

Final Proofreading Finesse

by Jan Fix, owner/editor I submitted this piece recently to a local publisher in hopes of creating some ground rules for final proofreads.  As you may or may not realize, there are several levels of editing, the very last level is a final proofread before and after typesetting.  This addresses the necessary (but not all-encompassing) elements of final proofread (after mechanical and content edits).  If you are a writer or editor of any kind, it would behoove you to take [...]

Don’t Leave Your Cake Out in the Rain!

In the spirit of encouraging success for the rapidly increasing numbers of self-published authors, the article below warrants repeating. I just finished a book series on my Kindle, and was disturbed at the number of errors therein.  It broke my concentration and made me look at the works with a much lowered sense of admiration, which is a shame, because the storyline is great. After all the heart and soul that goes into creating a written piece, don't make the mistake [...]

Coloring in the Lines

I'm working with a most wonderful writer from North Carolina at the moment, and through the editing/writing processes, I am reminded of something important in the successful transportation of a writer's thoughts and feelings to the reader's open mind. A successful writer knows how to color.  How to take a crayon, or two or three, and work within the lines of his story to bring it to life. Sometimes we make the writing process so cumbersome and just plain un-fun.  My [...]

We’ve hatched!

I want to welcome one and all to the site, first and foremost.  It has been fun to build with Geoey and Patrick from PBJ Interactive (an excellent webmaster resource for small businesses who want something more than a stamped version of someone else's dreams).  Even better, along the way, I have learned a lot about what makes a website successful and USEFUL to its participants.  I hope I can carry the torch for all of us in an [...]