Editing and Writing

Please … Don’t Stop!

Three recent comments that are bigger than my brain: Daughter asks, " So, what if they had an Olympics for editing?" Acquaintance posts, "Heartbreak can be life threatening." Author says, "You really do care about your authors." So it's obvious! How sweet is that? So many things to ponder. PLEASE DON'T STOP!

A Strange Malady: Idea Overload

By guest writer, Spero Alexio I suffer from a writer’s malady known as “idea overload.” The symptoms include an endless stream of ideas along with a limited capacity to see them through to completion. The disorder may be related to being denied chocolate chip cookies as a child, having the attention span of a flea, and an infatuation with Barbara Eden of I Dream of Jeannie fame. The ideas line up in my head like starving children waiting for a bowl of porridge. [...]


Adele Pfrimmer Hensley's latest kids book hits the shelves this festivity-filled month, and we have a special offer for purchasers of HOW MARTY'S MOM BECAME A CYBORG . . .  FREE SHIPPING through the month of December! HOW MARTY'S MOM BECAME A CYBORG will educate and delight readers of any age, with its particular focus on the effects of young-onset Parkinson's disease on families and how everyone learns to cope.  Visit www.thewordverve.com/cyborg for more details on the book, the author, [...]

The Discoteque-nology of Indie Publishing: Learn to Dance.

Time to dance, my friends, for publishing is like a disco:  the most unique dancers with the most colorful clothes and up-to-date dance moves get followed.  Let's find your inner Travolta, people!  Stayin' alive, stayin' alive . . .  This year has been a bustling word-fest for us here at thewordverve, as we’ve added more features to our website, more talent to our list of design contacts, and best of all, more authors (helping them with editing, design, and publishing) than [...]

Go Wild on Preorders for Urban Fantasy “Bear Naked”

A phantasmagorical series begins .  .  . replete with shape-strong lineages (think shapeshifter, but in a whole new way), including current-day issues that face our young adults (think bullying, peer pressure, and psychologies of human attraction) . . . YUP--all mixed in one spirited series for which this first book is named: BEAR NAKED. This SERIES is author R.J. Eliason's first step into urban fantasy, and she does it in fine style.  Take a walk on the wild side, literally! Readers can [...]

Why a Reunion Can Boost Your Feel-Good

I have been meaning to write the story of (big inhale here) how two little girls from Tarpon Springs, Florida, who barely knew each other during school, came to work together thirty years later to create one of the most charming "through the eyes of a child" stories, have it illustrated by a giving, dynamic artist across the Pacific in Queensland, Australia, and then publish it with overwhelming cheers from the reading public (exhale). Girl One: Author Theresa "Tess" (Merrill) [...]

The OH-zone

by Janet Fix -   I'm going into the zone this summer.  The writing zone, the focus  zone, the OH zone . . .where I will be writing FOR ME.  This is an exciting, sculpted time in my Garden of Eden, otherwise known as publishing/editing-dom, and though I will be working as an editor/publisher on a quieter level, I look forward to these weeks of self-inflection.  Let's see what I can do, right?  Right! Don't think this is easy for me. [...]