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Follow Your Hero

A writing tip from Mr. Ray Bradbury: First, find out what your hero wants, then just follow him! This statement seems so obvious, yet many of us fail to do it. We opt to tell the story (yawn) instead of letting our hero show us how it's done. You've heard of...

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Put a Twinkle in Your New Year

Start 2015 in comforting hands. Educator Maria Angeliadis, first-time published author from Tarpon Springs, FL, delivers the perfect setting for a fresh start. In Once Upon a Twinkle, young and old can learn a thing or two about the power of prayer. This book is as beautifully illustrated as...

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It’s a Bloody Buck!

Code Blood Red by Jeffrey Belanger is now available on eBook for ONE DOLLAH! Yup, just a buck.  So up your creep factor and read the first book in the "Ali the Cat" series. He's a bad dude in a bad mood. And he's terrorizing Middlesex High School. This...

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Spotlight on Parkinson’s Disease

It's Parkinson's Awareness Month and we don't want to miss our unique opportunity to share information about the disease. We have two authors with the Parkinson's (and several caretakers who have experience with the disease) on our team, and are proud to contribute to increasing...

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