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The Skinny on All Things Arizona: author J. Carson Black

I've never lived in Arizona, but I could probably make my way around there better than most newcomers just by having read so many J. Carson Black novels. Specifically today, I'm encouraging readers to try the J. Carson Black trifecta: three brilliant crime novels featuring Detective Laura Cardinal, including Darkness on the Edge of Town, Darkside of the Moon, and the Devil's Hour (my personal favorite) -- all in one convenient package. It is rare to experience a series of...

Born on a Buzzard’s Stump by Alva Harris

This book is Five-Star Verve.  Recommendation by Janet Fix   This memoir simultaneously takes you back in time and tickles your present-day musings.  One of the most entertaining examples of story-telling based on fact that I have ever had the pleasure of editing -- or reading!  I'm interested in hearing your comments as well. Order here or on Amazon: