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Reader’s Circle: Virtual Fan Engagement

You’ve heard of book clubs (you read a variety of books, chat about them with others, face to face, over wine and cheese . . . something like that.) You’ve heard of virtual book clubs (same as above, but not face to face). On July 15, right on Facebook, between 6-8 p.m. EST, we are doing our first (as a publisher) virtual Reader's Circle, focusing on one book only: Last Exit to Montauk by Phillip Vega. This is the link to join [...]

Ever the Educator

Dying Man Reflects on Life through Blog Diary If you've read the memoir of Alva Harris, PhD (Buzzard's Myth: Adventures of a Free Spirit from Egg to Infinity), you already have a peek into the depths of this man's knowledge and sense of self.  If you haven't had the opportunity to read his memoir yet, his website gives a wonderful overview of his adventures and you will surely enjoy a walk through those online pages. And if you do nothing else, follow [...]

Wyoming Author Pens Time-Travel Romance Series

Pow! Like the long-rifle he writes about, Edward J. Schneider fires off some explosive new literature in his Parallel Past series. Rousing nostalgia for the ol’ Wild West, Schneider’s novels appeal to a variety of readers’ interests: romance, time travel, sci-fi, and the American frontier. Books 1 and 2 (The Plunge and The Renewal, respectively) are available now for digital purchase through online retailers worldwide. The third book in the series is anticipated for delivery in the spring. This romantic tale develops through the sagas of a [...]

Aussie Writer Salutes her Homeland

Sydney-born Sharyn Bradford Lunn, author of the popular Australian historical series Southern Skyes, wrote this today about what the 26th of January means to her country. Today, 26th, we Aussies are celebrating Australia Day--very much like your July 4--which marks the first European settlement in Australia. The First Fleet of convicts arrived in New South Wales on January 26, 1788. We are still such a young country, but we've much to celebrate. The fireworks on Sydney Harbour tonight will be [...]

Final Two Days :: Pulling Out the Big Wings Now

Pulling Out the Big Wings Now Update #7 to Kickstarter Campaign: Increasing Wingspan · Aug. 10, 2012 · (1)  This project is probably the biggest thing I've worked on in the past two years.  For everyone who has considered, tolerated my constant chatter about it, and have pledged already for it, I thank you so much.  It's almost over. Two more days. (2) We still need $175 to make funding goal. (3) Referrals:  For every referral you send our way, YOU get a $15 coffee card (coffee house of your [...]

Increasing Wingspan for History’s Sake

If you have some pocket change you wouldn't mind sparing for a good cause  . . . I have just the campaign for you.   Be a Buzzard Backer & Share Coastal History!  What is a Buzzard’s Myth? If our project goals are accomplished, you and anyone else who cares to find out will be able to do so readily through awareness of one dynamic memoir, a historical adventure involving eight decades and a single man, er … hatchling?  This is a [...]

Buzzard’s Stump Still Available at $12

  After Father's Day, you can still find  Born on a Buzzard's Stump by Alva Harris available at the bookswithverve store on Amazon.  It's still $12.  You just can't get the free giftwrap offer.  Well, maybe you can, but maybe not Father's Day wrap.  All you have to do is ask and specify!    

Murder Mystery Set in Transgender Community “Brings It”

This is a review straight from the heart of a reader, me (as opposed to  the editor, the marketer, the reviewer, the writer) ~~ Janet Fix First, the basics.  Renee James debuted with her new novelComing Out Can Be Murder this month through Windy City Publishers, a hot alternative publishing company based in the same blustery city of the story’s plot.  This is a fiction novel about a hairdresser named Bobbi, who struggles with gender transitioning and the “fitting in” that [...]

Pop’s Day Starts Here … on a Buzzard’s Stump!

POP'S DAY BONANZA!! FREE GIFT-WRAP AND HANDWRITTEN MESSAGE PLUS BUZZARD BOOK FOR $12. (Purchase here onAmazon under new/used sellers "bookswithverve") I promote this book alongside author Alva Harris for a number of passionate reasons. Born on a Buzzard's Stump is a rare type of memoir; in fact, it's more like a fun bunch of stories that would be told around a campfire or after dinner on the back porch.  It is both comedic and poignant. At any given point in his eight decades of life, Alva has [...]