Adult Fiction

The Walking Bridge

CRAZY LOVE IN CHATTANOOGA: This is an #urbanfantasy tale of mystery and betrayal; of love and friendship; and of the enduring quest for understanding in a world that seems to have no meaning. The Walking Bridge by Rick Sanders.

The Divergence, Book Two – Southern Skyes series

The two young sons of Nicholas Thomas, a soldier in the New South Wales Corps, have been torn apart by circumstances beyond their control and struggle to find their own identity within their father’s legacy. This is where Book One ends and the second book of the Southern Skyes series picks up with a fury.

Embers of the Soul, Book Four – Southern Skyes series

The deep secrets woven amidst the branches of the McCabe and Skye family trees have been hidden for years until now. More quickly than shifting sands on the shores of Tasmania, these family secrets are tumbling forth with unleashed fury. Purchase EMBERS OF THE SOUL for $12.00, 5×8, approx. 250 pages, matte finish cover – ELEGANCE ALL THE WAY and a great story to boot.

Southern Cross Rising, Book Five – Southern Skyes series

In this the fifth book of the Southern Skyes series, the era is ripe for historic battles, during a time spanning the Boer Wars, Australian federation, women’s suffrage, and World War I. Among those warriors for progress are members of the Skye and McCabe families, not just on the battlefield, but in their homes and communities as well.

One Patriot Heart (Bonds in Love & War Series, book 1)

One family … destroyed by aristocracy in their homeland of 1774 England. Its menfolk forced to serve in the British Navy. The shores of the New World before them. There, they discover a new passion—to break the chains that hold them. To fight for America and the right for independence to all men and woman. And thus, the very essence of the Patriot heart can be seen in all its glory. This is a tale of strength, determination, and the willingness to do what...

Strange Times in Yeehaw Junction

A road trip turns into one helluva life trip for friends Thomas and Lee as they inadvertently enter a mysterious Florida town called Yeehaw Junction, which shall not be ignored. Crazy doesn’t quite cover these adventures, as the book’s tagline attests: A Bizarre Journey Born of Unforeseen Circumstances and Unfortunate Decision. Indeed.

When War Was Heck

What was life like through the eyes of an all-American ten-year-old boy during WWII? Your kids will love it–you will love it!