Buzzard’s Myth (an adventurer’s memoir)

Buzzard’s Myth (an adventurer’s memoir)

A treasured tale of this fisherman of the sea(s) — the Atlantic and the Pacific — Alva Harris is a firm believer in the circle of life. He affirms this belief by recycling eight decades of his own life journey for readers of all walks and ages to behold and be entertained.

A native of Hyde County, NC, Alva Harris made every dock, beach, or port his home — a way of life for this Depression Era youth who seemed always to be drawn back to the water. The NC Coastal waters were his exploration laboratory as a youngster and he returned to it often throughout his life; in fact, he lives there still today. The ecology and history provided in this memoir portrays the innocence and livelihoods of a time that is no more.

During his service with the Coast Guard during the Korean War, Alva shares some harrowing stories of the perils associated with such duty in the Alaskan territory, which he came to embrace with as much affection as he did his hometown.

Along the way, he found some “grounded” moments, which included romance, children, a PhD from NC State in Wildlife Management, and a Professorship at Nicholls State University in Parasitology.

In his late 70s, even as Parkinson’s disease began to creep its way into his physical self, Alva completed this adventurer’s memoir, spiced with history, ecology, wisdom, and his characteristic charm and wit. Rest assured, once you’ve entered Alva’s Zone, you will be a witness to the fascinating life of one wild country boy. And you won’t regret a minute of the experience.

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