Bruce Blackman

Bruce Blackman

Bruce Blackman wrote a song that took the ’70s by storm, “Moonlight Feels Right.” He was frontman for the band Starbuck at the time. But there is much more to Bruce than a song. He says he is not so much savvy as he is lucky. Yet his creative talents cannot be denied. Including his sardonic wit.

“All soft drinks are called cokes, the women are beautiful, and you can say anything you want, but you better watch your mouth,” says Bruce about his Southern roots in the Mississippi Delta. ‘You can talk bad about the South till your mouth wears out, but nobody’s ever retired and moved to Minnesota which proves that being Southern is an enviable position.”

Beginning with one of his first businesses in elementary school—shining shoes at the bus station—to a lifetime of music, storytelling, and making people laugh, Bruce embraces the opportunities and ironies of life. The creation of his memoir The Road to Moonlight Feels Right is just another branch on that fruit-filled tree that is his story.

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