Breakthrough Moments: Nothing “aha” about ’em.

Breakthrough Moments: Nothing “aha” about ’em.

I fought it for a long time, but I must admit, Twitter, a beast of entirely its own color, can be a monstrous, valid medium for growth, personally and professionally. I have been fortunate to share tweets with some sage tweeples, including Dan Rockwell and his “leadershipfreak” posts of encouragement and advice.

Recently, I participated in a survey he gave, and from the various respondents to this survey, I presume, he wrote the following about “10 Ways to Find Your Breakthrough Moments.”

As I read this article, I began reflecting on myself a bit, which you shall soon see, will be leading to another Jan Breakthrough soon.  It’s about time for a change anyway. Hang on tight, right?

Breakthrough moments are most likely to occur for me when
a) all hell breaks loose;
or b) I allow myself unbounded introspection

The first is not so desirable, except for the part about the breakthrough, which is very desirable. No pain no gain? The second one is very desirable; however, those moments are rare because I get caught up in thinking that I don’t have time for them.

This article by Rockwell gives wonderful insight into the heights that one must climb on the terrain of true leadership. Some of it’s not so pretty. But being a positive force in someone’s life sure is.

~~~ Janet Fix, wordshaper, mom, grandma, wife, and Force

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