Coloring in the Lines

I'm working with a most wonderful writer from North Carolina at the moment, and through the editing/writing processes, I am reminded of something important in the successful transportation of a writer's thoughts and feelings to the reader's open mind. A successful writer knows how to color.  How to take a crayon, or two or three, and work within the lines of his story to bring it to life. Sometimes we make the writing process so cumbersome and just plain un-fun.  My [...]

We’ve hatched!

I want to welcome one and all to the site, first and foremost.  It has been fun to build with Geoey and Patrick from PBJ Interactive (an excellent webmaster resource for small businesses who want something more than a stamped version of someone else's dreams).  Even better, along the way, I have learned a lot about what makes a website successful and USEFUL to its participants.  I hope I can carry the torch for all of us in an [...]