From a Dream to the Real Deal: One Author’s Story Covers It All

Photo Credit: Beeba Lekkas When we think of a survivor, a warrior, we can think of several men and women, but at the top of that list is always Demetra Tsavaris-Lecourezos. Demetra went from a dream to write kids' books, to a published author of several books, to a cancer survivor, and to an in-demand public speaker in what seems to be like a blink of an eye. But it wasn't just a blink; it was incredibly hard work. Today, she wraps [...]

When You Think It’s Baseball, But It’s Love

John Nuckel, contributing writer, 02/14/2018 We welcome Manhattan author John Nuckel as our latest contributing writer with his endearing love story ** flash non-fiction ** that just happens to involve baseball. John is a former Wall Street insider and current financial adviser, who writes white-collar crime fiction. But he also writes some beautiful, endearing short pieces, which reveal another side to the depths of his heart and mind. Enjoy his super-short story, Game Six, this Valentine’s Day, and every day. [...]

Manhattan Author John Nuckel Joins thewordverve to Publish White-Collar Crime Thrillers

Don’t Give Up Your Daydream. We stole that line from Manhattan resident John Nuckel, former Wall Street-er and current financial adviser, podcast host, and author of several titles in the “white-collar crime” genre, as well as some short stories. The idea of “don’t give up your daydream” really hits home with us. That is just one of many reasons we knew John would be a good fit for thewordverve, and we are honored he accepted our invitation to represent him [...]

Marketers with Verve: Leslie Whitaker, Party Girl

A  year or so I stumbled upon this woman, LESLIE WHITAKER, through an author connection (Greg James of the UK--crazy great writer). Leslie was hosting a book-launch party on Facebook for Greg, and he invited me to join the party. Which I did. I was blown away by the engagement. I'd never really considered such a thing for my authors before. And it doesn't fit everyone, but for those it does, it's an uplifting experience. A lot of fun, engaging the author [...]

Reader’s Circle: Virtual Fan Engagement

You’ve heard of book clubs (you read a variety of books, chat about them with others, face to face, over wine and cheese . . . something like that.) You’ve heard of virtual book clubs (same as above, but not face to face). On July 15, right on Facebook, between 6-8 p.m. EST, we are doing our first (as a publisher) virtual Reader's Circle, focusing on one book only: Last Exit to Montauk by Phillip Vega. This is the link to join [...]

Editors as Artists: Using the Red Pen to Create a Masterpiece

Oh, the many times I’ve heard writers worrying themselves over the editing process. They’re not sure if it’s good enough. They’re not sure if it’s grammatically accurate, even though a good friend, who is an English teacher, proofread it. They’re not sure everything coordinates. They’re protective of their work and don’t want to change its essence. Their friends read it and think it’s awesome. Do they really need a professional editor? And this is before they’ve even arrived at the [...]

Authors with Verve: Featuring Linda Yacovetti Arvanitis

“Who can turn the world on with her smile?” Linda Yacovetti Arvanitis, that’s who! She’s a successful realtor in Florida, has major potential as a stand-up comic, and is a published author of Buck the Dog Tails . . . er, Tales, told from her adopted pet’s perspective. She released the first book in the series last fall (Buck’s New Home) and is getting ready to thrill her fans—I mean, Buck's fans—again with a new ditty in the ensuing months. More [...]

Authors with Verve: Featuring Phil Emmert

Author Phil Emmert is indeed a preacher, teacher, and people reacher. His world revolves around the sharing of stories that are relatable and inspiring, and now he’s writing them too. He’s published four books in recent years and, at the age of 80, has more in the works. Lauded by his family and friends as an endearing storyteller, in addition to being a stellar preacher of the Word of God, he admits he has many stories in his heart. This [...]

What’s Bigger than (an) Amazon?

Folks, I’ve been in a tizzy for a long time now about Amazon’s listings of our print books in terms of availability. I’ve called Amazon. To no avail. I’ve submitted product queries, as an informed reader. I’ve called Ingram/Lightning Source, the print-on-demand (POD) distributor of our published authors’ books. I’ve ranted and raged. How can a print-on-demand book be “one to two months” out for availability? Interestingly, when I push, the availability changes to something more reasonable. But I have to push. And push [...]