Madi Ostrica

With her innate flair for creativity in words and new ideas, Madi joins thewordverve crew as marketing coordinator, bringing all that *bubbly* along with her.

Her marketing and customer service experiences in the salon/spa industry (she is a blossoming aesthetician as well) adds a unique twist to her to her marketing, branding, and social skills. She hears what people want and responds. Madi says, “I really enjoy making people feel warm and welcome.” This carries over to her social media presentations, which reflect her wit and spirit. She draws fans like bears to honey!

A child of the early ’90s and a bit of a social butterfly, Madi has always been knee-deep in the ever-changing world of social media and technology. “Being the computer geek I am, it has always been very easy for me to learn anything new that comes my way.”

As the marketing coordinator for thewordverve, she dedicates her time and effort to helping the business grow in the areas of editorial, design, and publishing (including touting our published authors and their books). She also works directly with authors on their personal social media and marketing projects–whether they are published by thewordverve or not. Here are some things she offers to our authors and the general public . . .

  1. Social Media: Madi will work directly with authors who desire assistance with:
    • Starting up their social media accounts and getting the ball rolling with likes, tweets, follows, posts, etc. AND/OR
    • Maintaining the accounts for and/or with the author by posting and engaging; AND/OR
    • Teaching the author how to use the accounts, pick the social media program that best fits the author’s personality, etc.
  1. Author Media Kits: Hit the ground running with a professional media kit to show off via print or digitally—a MUST-HAVE for any successful author. Formats to be announced soon.
  1. Special Marketing Packages: Hire Madi to assist with designing marketing collateral (bookmarks, flyers, postcards, etc.), setting up blog tours, special press releases, special events, etc. More details forthcoming, but if you have an idea, don’t hesitate to ask. Madi is here to help all of us succeed!

Of course, everything will be edited to a tee. Contact us for details on any of the above.