Janet Fix

As a freelance professional in the words services industry, Janet Fix offers 30 years of hearty experience. Her childhood was filled Mom again-no wrinkleswith books, poetry, and journal-writing—the humble roots of her love for words. With a degree in Speech Communications from the University of South Florida, Tampa, she soon found more writing outlets as a newspaper journalist, copy editor, photographer, and advertising representative.

With the birth of her second daughter in 1994, she became a full-fledged entrepreneur. Over the course of the next 20 years, she commandeered not one but two successful businesses, not surprisingly with words at their very core. Her editing and publishing business, thewordverve inc., based in Georgia, USA, flourishes under her mantra: “The biggest contribution I can make in this industry is to love my job, which I do, and to share my passion (verve) for words with you. “

She is a champion for authors when few others are looking out for them these days, helping them find their voices, their sparks, their chosen paths, their successes–a happy book shepherd of sorts, nurturing the new breed of authors, boundless in energy and dreams.

And yes, her last name really is Fix. Go figure. Destined to be an editor!