The Relevance is in the Awakening

The Relevance is in the Awakening

Musings From the Pipeline, by Janet Fix ~~

May 19 RELEASE :: Rude Awakenings by author Keith Donaldson 

On three novels now, I have I had the pleasure of working with Keith (thank you, Keith), an inventive writer whose mind tumbles so fast-forward at times that I feel I can see the future through his eyes. That case is none the more true than in this novel, his third, where we worked diligently through the editorial process to refine and capture the immensity of his story and its relevance to current events. In fact, you won’t believe how immensely relevant this book is!

Spinning along the lines of Donaldson’s favorite subject matter, this DC whodunnit is a keeper. Rude Awakenings is not only insightful and entertaining, it’s almost clairvoyant, as we learn that Donaldson wrote this story just before our country’s economy took a swan dive south.  Immediately, you are sucked into the Donaldson Vortex as his rapid-fire story relays a nuclear bombing on a new-party president’s first day in office and the political twists that take place in order to determine the path to recovery—if one exists.

For Know-It-Alls and Know-It-Nones alike. Don’t stand in line for this one, preorder now:  How rude is it? 


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