Villanueva Family

Connor is a talented kid with a wild imagination, both of which is highly encouraged in his home. At eleven years old, he has traveled extensively, as he is from a military family. He loves to explore and see new places. He is curious about EVERYTHING. He is a green belt in Tae Kwon do, plays several instruments, is passionate about art, and is now a published author and illustrator to boot! In the Connor’s Life series, readers will laugh along with Connor as he reveals some of his funny and dramatic life moments, all in poetry form.

It all started when he and his mom Tammy, who homeschools Connor, started writing silly poetry together, focused on the events in his life. What transpired is the Connor’s Life series. All the books are illustrated by both Connor and Tammy.

Dad is also a big part of the series’ efforts. Noah is an Army officer currently stationed at the Newport Naval Base in Rhode Island, where he is a military professor. He participates in Tae Kwon do with Connor and is jealous that Connor is a belt ahead! Both Tammy and Noah volunteer at the Salvation Army, teaching arts, crafts, and music. Several of his poems are based on his experiences at Kid’s Club with his friends from the Salvation Army.

The unique adventures and experiences are personal accounts that stem from Connor’s perspective as a military child, as well as his interactive curriculum that Tammy creatively designs. She understands Connor’s learning needs and strives to develop his talents to help guide him in his future endeavors.