J. Leigh Jackson

J. Leigh Jackson published her first suspense novel Dark Wings in 2020. Always an avid reader of mystery novels and literary classics, it proved only natural that in college she sought a bachelor’s degree in English and a master’s degree in communication. After several years of teaching others how to write, she decided the time had come for her to pick up the pen. Drawing inspiration from art, travel and nature, Jackson savors snapshots of seemingly ordinary moments trusting...

Brian Muff

Brian Muff was born and raised on Long Island. His love of books began when he started reading The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn aloud to his parents at age five. Throughout his teenage years, Brian developed an interest in writing—specifically scary stories—that would continue to grow as he entered college. After graduating Farmingdale State College as valedictorian and obtaining an MBA from Stony Brook University, he put his career on hold to finish working on Lady of the Lake. Outside...

Heather O’Brien

Heather O'Brien is a fiction author and no stranger to the creative arts. The great-great-granddaughter of world-renowned cellist Bruno Steindel of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, she can trace back her creative roots to five generations of notable musicians, artists, and toy makers. Her family tree contains the branches of many disciplines of the finer arts. A seeker of what motivates the heart, Heather has a knack for creating complex characters who explore the sometimes painful dynamics of life and love,...

Don Sager

Don Sager volunteers his time by reading books to students with the hope of making reading a lifelong interest. He believes that literacy opens the door to unlimited adventures and learning potential.