Lisa Hayes

Lisa Hayes grew up in a family that loved adventure and all things water. She has since shared that love with her children and now her grandchildren. Lisa is married to best friend Doug, who shares her love of adventure and, most definitely, her love of water. They are often found boating or fishing and have had some grand adventures of their own. When asked, Lisa will prioritize her life as follows:  God, family, everything else.

Reading and writing have been a passion for Lisa since childhood. It began with a love for the written word and soon morphed into writing poetry and short stories as a child. Her love of storytelling was buried under the demands of family and work, only to be rediscovered through her own children. While driving a carpool of teenage gymnast several hours per week, Lisa began telling the girls stories to pass the time. Even into the later teen years, the girls begged for stories and encouraged Lisa to write her stories for others to enjoy.

The best stories are laced with adventure, friendships, trials, and comedy. The best stories make you want to jump in and live the adventure. When Paradise Beckoned is one of those stories.