Cindy Solomita

Cindy Solomita lives in upstate New York with her husband Dave. They own a home-healthcare company, and when they’re not working on their business, they try to make time to travel and explore new places . . . just like Callie the Curious Cat!

One of Cindy’s favorite places to visit in the wintertime is Florida. Callie’s story was inspired during a recent trip there, when she met a cat just like Callie. She and Dave were eating lunch at a small outdoor café near the beach when a stray cat walked over to their table and meowed at them, asking for a bite of their sandwich. They are both animal lovers, so they were happy to oblige.

Their family includes three cats, all of which were strays, rescued from one place or another. Each of those cats (Fudge, Cherry, and Cream) are very happy to have a nice place to call home now, with a warm bed to sleep in and a bowl of food.

Cindy loves to read to her two granddaughters, Dahlia and Scarlett, who enjoy taking care of their cats when they go on trips.

The Adventures of Callie the Curious Cat is Cindy’s first published children’s book, and she (and Dave) have both participated in the flash-fiction anthology Verve Flash: The Short Road to Big Fiction.

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What People Are Saying about The Adventures of Callie the Curious Cat

Midwest Book Review — “In The Adventures of Callie the Curious Cat, children ages 3 to 12 will see what happens when Callie’s curious nature comes into play during a family vacation to Florida. An original and thoroughly entertaining story by Cindy A. Solomita that is visually supported by the illustrations of Rick Sanders, [this book] will prove to be an enduringly popular addition to family, daycare center, preschool, elementary school, and community library picture-book collections.”

Nicole Schrader, elementary school teacher, Endicott, NY  — “Callie is not just an ordinary cat…she’s like a curious child in disguise! Children of all ages will delight in listening to Callie’s lighthearted inner voice, all while seeing her colorful expressions of wonder. The Adventures of Callie the Curious Cat is not only enjoyable as a read-aloud, but double-dips with its powerful reinforcement of our National Science Standards and concepts such as: senses, nature, making observations, problem solving, and more!  Callie the Cat will leave you wondering what she’s up to next … even until the very last page!  A must-have for any elementary classroom!”