A Globe Within a Globe

A Globe Within a Globe

“All the world’s a stage” in this charming adventure through the city of London. Join the Young World Travelers and Mrs. Eva as they step front and center in their series finale.

Close your eyes and imagine along with the Young World Travelers as they transport themselves to Elizabethan Period London.  In period costumes, they visit Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, Tower of London, and Richmond Palace with Queen Elizabeth I as their hostess.

The EDU-TAINMENT is at peak level in this book 4 of the Young World Travelers series with fun facts and vibrant illustrations! Get all four books today:

  1. Young World Travelers and the Magical Crystal Globe (locale: New York City)
  2. Ready, Set, OPA! (locale: Greece) – also available in Greek translation!
  3. One Unde-NILE-ably Fun Party! (locale: Egypt)
  4. A Globe Within a Globe (locale: London)

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