A Blanket for Stardust

A Blanket for Stardust

When three sisters receive the pony of their dreams, they spend every after-school hour riding and caring for the sweet girl. But as the days get colder, they begin to worry …

Sisters Lindsay, Cailey, and Stacey wonder if Stardust will be protected enough through the coming winter. After all, she is an elderly pony, and even with shelter, it may not be sufficient to keep her warm and safe. Worse, winter storms are expected! They put their heads together and brainstorm ideas on how to buy a new blanket for Stardust before the bone-chilling months arrive.

What will the girls do to earn money for the blanket? And what will happen to Stardust if they aren’t able to buy one? With just weeks before snow and winter chills hit, the girls must find a way!

This charming tale follows the adventures of three sisters and their tender devotion to their beloved pony, Stardust. They gain support from friends and family, including surprises in unlikely places.

From the author and artist of Buster the Dumpster Pony comes this early-reader chapter book, filled with messages of loyalty, hope, and determination … a heartwarming story that will appeal to animal lovers of all ages.

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