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Embers From Ash and Ruin (book 2)

Two years older, two years wiser, and two years too late… Unimaginable tragedies have struck the Grant family. When an innocent request from a former LSI colleague leads to a true confession, a life and death race for answers ensues. Only one man can bring to light the darkness of Jameson Lockhardt’s past—and time is running out. This is a seven-part series. Available now is The Ties That Bind (book 1) and When First We Practice to Deceive (book 3). Add to...

Ranch Hero

This is a tale of a very cool farm dog named Ziggy, who is drawn to save a squirrel from certain demise. In doing so, he sacrifices his own life . . . or does he? This book reminds us that not all guardian angels have wings.    

Ranch Hero :: Wind Beneath its Wings

Featured in December magazine of Georgia Cattlemen's Association NOT ALL GUARDIAN ANGELS HAVE WINGS, but this little book is flying! Ziggy and his farm pals are gaining some "footing" (paws, hoofs, feet . . . you get the picture) as a most desirable holiday treat, price-wise and spice-wise. KID LIT WITH A COMIC BOOK TWIST During a special promotion with Amazon just a few weeks ago, we found 3800 new readers! During a Giveaway Contest via Goodreads, we gifted our book to 10 happy...

Sylar’s Pack and the Bully Attack

This superbly illustrated story is told in the endearing style of rhyme and verse. The adventure involves a grandfather, grandson, and their beloved pups, one of which becomes an unlikely hero taking a selfless stance for others. This is the second book in the Sylar series of adventures at his grandfather’s house in Nitro, West Virginia. The first book is Sylar and the Sycamore Leaves about some tree house fun!

Lady of the Lake

Who is the lady with laser eyes under the water—a young man’s demise? Based on the terrifying Long Island legend of Lake Ronkonkoma, Lady of the Lake proves that love can conquer even the scariest of challenges. Incredibly imaginative and chockful of thrilling twists and turns, Lady of the Lake will pull you under and make sure you never come up for air.        

Dark Wings

Sometimes the past is ever present. A romantic suspense novel that will keep you enthralled to its stunning conclusion.  Porter Leighton is moving. Moving away from a history and heartache that she can’t reconcile. Moving toward what she hopes will be a lighter, brighter future. But can she move fast enough to avoid the collision of the past with her present?    

Phillip Vega Books – Special Offer

Enjoy this special offer from Phillip Vega, author of Last Exit to Montauk and The Captain & the Queen. (Click on the links to read more about each book, but the savings happen on this page!) Reduced prices for paperback and digital formats. Get the paperback bundle for even more savings! Digital pricing for each book - $.99 (formerly $2.99) Last Exit to Montauk - $.9.99 (formerly $15.99) The Captain & the Queen - $9.99 (formerly $15.95) THE BUNDLE - both paperbacks for one...