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Editing services of various levels from simple grammar and punctuation check to more indepth editing to improve flow, clarity and consistency. Through years of experience and education, we are true professionals in all the areas of grammar and punctuation. We are proficient at all levels of...

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tran·scribe/tranˈskrīb/Verb 1. Put (thoughts, speech, or data) into written or printed form. 2. Transliterate (foreign characters) or write or type out (shorthand, notes, or other abbreviated forms) into ordinary characters or full sentences. (source: We will happily transcribe your audio files or handwritten and other scanned documents...

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Writing Services

This is where we work together to fine-tune your project's focus. We can fill in the gaps or write it from scratch. As a developmental writing "coach", we will discuss your goals and create an outline for success. Then together we will write it and...

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